Wall of Shame

This will be an ongoing list of crimes and atrocities committed by different religions and their followers.

Christian ministry creates an app to fix the gays.

This organization wraps up all their bigotry and homophobia into one neat little iOS app!

City councillor expenses $300 office blessing

$300 of taxpayer money for a priest to come in and wave a magic wand.

Confirmed List of 21 Priests Suspended by Philadelphia Archdiocese

Yes! The names of these sick pricks for all to see! Though I don’t envy being a parent and recognizing one of these names from their local parish.

In Philadelphia, New Cases Loom in Priest Scandal

Whoops, the count is 37 priests! And some might still be active in a parish! With children! I don’t know how even the most devout Christian isn’t white-knuckled over the church covering this up and letting these sick bastards continue to work with kids.

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